Husqvarna 465


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Dec 6, 2011
South Central Indiana
Husqvarna 465 a fairly new model. Computerized Auto Tune Carburetor.

Anyone else have one of these saws?

I bought one from Baileys Online around christmas time 2016

Have had awfully trouble with Starting it.

Took it in to a local shop for Warranty.

They hooked it up to the computer and said the carb was bad and they replaced it under Warranty.

I took it home started it , let it warm up , shut it off , started again repeated a few times it seemed fine.

Well it got cold this past weekend so the ground froze and I got out in the woods again to cut.

I started it , let it warm up, cut thru a log, one time and as it got done and I let off the throttle it died.
couldnt get it started again.

It would try and fire up again but seemed to be starving for gas.

I am using Stihl Ultra two cycle oil and high quality gas.


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Jan 12, 2016
Somewhere cold !
I know Husky had problems with the auto tune on early models as it related to hard starting.

I've got a Jonsered 2252 with auto tune ( identical saw to a Husky 545) and never had any issues with the auto tune. I have to let the auto tune " learn" the conditions for say a minute or so before it will run correctly. But after it has set itself it works as advertised.

When I first got the saw within the 3rd or 4th tank it stalled on me. I thought it ran out of gas but it didn't. So I assumed an auto tune issue. But it started back up and has never happened since. One isolated odd stall. Fine since.

Although the 465 is a new model, the auto tune has been around awhile. I would have thought any issues would have been sorted out by now.

Hopefully you can get it fixed.


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Aug 2, 2007
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Are you following the books starting procedures to the T?

I have a 555 with auto tune. I had to retrain my hot start procedure by forcing myself to do what the book suggests (resetting high idle on a hot start) each time.

If I try and restart by simply pulling the cord, it will start sometimes and others make me fight with it for 10 mins.

If I set the high idle each time I try to do a hot start, I don't have a problem.
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Dec 6, 2011
South Central Indiana
I got the saw back from Shop a second time and they re-flashed the memory in the microcontroller. I took it out to the woods when I got home and it was having same issues. I took the saw over to the tailgate of my truck and cracked open the fuel cap and heard a whoosh sound. Tightened it back up,and saw started fine a ran ok for a short while then had to Crack open the fuel cap again. So when I got home I put a piece of fuel line over the nipple of the gas tank vent and moved air in and out of it. It must have dislodged something as saw runs fine now and starts easy every time.

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