I REALLY need help

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New Member
Mar 21, 2023
Tigerton, WI
My Bixby Maxfire 115 runs a cycle and shuts off and light # 2 blinks. I've read the manual/diagnostics, Googled the problem (no help) Looked up youtube videos, cleaned it ad nauseum, emptied it & re-filled it, fiddled with the fuel/air pots. I've checked fuses, the flag jumper is engaged. I've turned it on & off, rinse and repeat. I am at a loss. HELP!!!!

Also, I have a copy of BixCheck and the How-To Guide Model 110 and Model 115 manual from 2010 . I've looked over the wiring diagram and for the life of me I can't find the RS232 port on the motherboard. I'm from an IT background so I know what the port looks like. I found a little 2 pin plug at J3. Where's the RS-232 port? I have a cable that has male & female RS232 port ends. I'd like to use Bixcheck, but I don't have the latest version, the compatible cable, and I don't have the latest firmware. Where can I get these?

According to the manual:
Start-up Mode
The Start-up mode runs for approximately 17 minutes from the time the “On” button is pressed. The stove will first do a Diagnostic Test of its operation and test all of the sensors. The stove will also run the ash dump mechanism 3 times and move the feeder wheel to a position where there is a magnet over the feeder wheel sensor. If there are any problems they will be displayed as blinking lights on the control panel. These problems can be decoded from the chart in the Owner’s Manual or from the chart on the Hopper door. We will look at these dialogistic codes after we finish discussing all 4 running modes. After the Diagnostic Test, the stove will start feeding corn into the Firepot, after a minute the air pump will Start-up. 15 seconds after the air pump starts, then the stove will test both igniters. After the test is done, then both igniters will be engaged. There should be a flame in roughly 3½ minutes from the point of starting the stove. If there is no flame within 10 minutes, the stove will shutdown and try to restart. The stove will try to restart 2 times before it flashes the #2 light (did not reach operating temperature) and shuts down. When the stove lights normally, it will run at pre-set levels for the first 17 minutes. At the end of Start-up mode it will be on level 4, at which time, it will change to what ever level the user has set. The purpose of the Start-up procedure is to get the stove up to operating temperature and to stabilize the flame.

Shutdown Mode
The final mode is the Shutdown Mode. The Shutdown Mode is entered when the “Off” button is pressed or an error is found by the mother board. The stove will stop feeding corn and increase the Exhaust Fan speed to keep all of the combustion exhaust going out the exhaust pipe. The stove will run at this speed for 10 minutes to allow time for all of the fuel to burn. After this 10 minute period, the Exhaust Fan will run at 50% and Convection Fan will decrease in speed for 20 minutes more. At the end of this 30 minute period, the stove will do an Ash Dump and completely shutdown.

I am in the Tigerton, WI area if I need to travel anywhere.
D&D Farm Supply in Arcadia is the only place in WI (as far as I know) that sells Bixby parts. If there's another place (even if it's out of state) PLEASE let me know.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
I have a question. When you hit the start does the stove start a fire?
It sounds to me like you have an exhaust thermocouple issue.
But I don't know your stove very well just from reading the manual
#2 light is a stove not getting up to operating temp.
I assume you've seen this thread but just in case

That poster also had the #2 light flashing and it turned out the thermocouple connection was bad.