Identification Help Requested

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Mar 16, 2023
Hi All,

Can anyone help identifying this wood stove? I was told it may have been in the Two Medicene Chalet in glacier national park. It says 1903 on side and no 50 on the front. Thanks in advance for any info.



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Dec 22, 2007
It is a “Box” stove. So that’s a keyword to use.

Look for casting marks on the rear or bottom, inside door, patent numbers.

I have found a lot of information in the publication called “The Metal Worker”. This was a weekly trade magazine with news and updates about foundries and stove makers along with plumbing, heating, tin, and roofing trades. It takes time searching keywords, literally years sometimes finding a name or company name where a business was started, sold, burned, closed or new models were introduced, or patented. It is a wealth of information with advertisements and industry founders. Many times I have been reading pages and found other information I had been looking for that gives the right keywords to continue a search.

Preview books starting here;

Reading just one weekly publication puts you back in the time period you need to go! I have found many of my antique stoves and their history in these archives. I use these advertisements to find or make parts missing on stoves. You can find hardware suppliers from back then selling their wares to date stoves sometimes by their hardware, handles, fasteners, etc.

As an example, finding Ford Foundry, I searched “ford foundry stove co goggle books” under all, then clicked “books”. Second book down 1901 contains Ford Foundry St. Louis, Mo. information. When an article gives a date when a new catalog is coming out, or news about the expansion of a building,,,, go to that publication to follow the timeline of a company or person. Take notes, you can end up with files on other companies that were related.
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