Indestructible Non Spill coffee mug holder for your workshop!

Don2222 Posted By Don2222, Aug 5, 2018 at 5:59 PM

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    In my 6 hour welder, Plasma & Abrasion Metal Training I made a 1” piece of steel stock 5-1/2” long weld to a 10 Guage base plate 4” x4” square.
    So I used this piece to make a workshop cup holder. See Pic 1
    Then I ordered a Walker 41893 Exhaust Pipe Connetor from Summit Racing. Cut the grooves off each end with the abrasion cutter. Cut a notch in the bottom back of the muffler pipe so it rides the square steel stock with the plasma cutter. Welded the steel stock so the muffler pipe rides it. Then cut a notch with the DeWalt Sabre saw in the top front of the muffler pipe so the cup handle slides in! Gave it a shot of flat black primer coat and a nice Satin Black finish coat.
    Mount to the workbench and all done!

    Pic 1 - The first 2 pieces of the cup holder.
    Pic 2 - Summit racing muffler adapter pipe 3.5” in diameter
    Pic 3 - cutting the muffler adapter
    Pic 4 - cutting the front notch for the coffee mug handle
    Pic 5&6 - Paint it up with VHT for primer and Stove right for the finish coat.
    Pic 7 - All Done and ready to mount.
    Pic 8&9 - Mounting it to the workbench with a couple of wood screws and Bing, had to trim bottom of base plate off to open the draw in workbench! - Now it is Time for a coffee!
    Pic 10 - comparable holder on Amazon!!

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