Installing an Englander pellet stove and service?

lissac67 Posted By lissac67, May 30, 2008 at 9:44 PM

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  1. lissac67

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    May 30, 2008
    We have a 1800 sq ft colonial. We are seriously thinking of purchasing a pellet stove before the fall. There is a coal stove in the basement, unfinished side, that must have been there for 30 years or since the house was built. We have lived here 8 years. There are already vents in the first floor, three of them, to vent the stove heat to the first floor. And then the upstairs, 4 small bedrooms and a bathroom. When we bought the house the real estate agent mentioned the temps of 80 in the basement, 70 on the main floor and 65 upstairs with the coal stove. Since reading about pellet stoves, that seems very reasonable and likely as well. I need a reasonable priced stove that will work well and heat this size of a house. I was looking at the Englander stoves and Lowes and Home depot. They seem like a good deal, not breaking the bank too badly. lol But since they are from Lowes and Home Depot, who would install them and service them? Obviously I don't want to buy something that will be hard to service, but I can't dump $3000 just on a stove or it isn't cost effective for us right now. But oil is killing us. Any input into this stove? Or another reasonable alternative for around the same price that is easier to service?

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    I bought an Englander pellet stove this year for the purpose of starting a side business servicing them. After taking a good look around it and using it for a while I can't imagine any pellet stove being much easier to service. But dealers won't do it for you. It is a do it yourself thing. Knowing some people don't want to do it themselves is why eventually Alternative Heating Services, Inc. will crank up in this area.

    The folks at England's Stove Works have a great reputation for phone and parts support for their stoves. But you have to be willing to do the cleanings and parts replacements along the way to keep the stove performing at its best.

    If you want somebody in a van to zip out there and install and service it for you, you need to buy a stove from a reputable local dealer.

    Or move to Northern Virginia.
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