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    Feb 9, 2014
    Hello folks,

    I bought a house which has a Heat N Glo Twilight II propane gas log fireplace with an Intellifire lighting system. We could not get the fireplace to light correctly from the wall switch. The fireplace would lite if I turn the wall switch on, then turn the rocker panel switch to off, then turn it back on. The fireplace would lite and burn with no problem.

    Apparently, this system utilized a remote control that we do not have or the previous owner lost or broken. Anyway, I have tried to troubleshoot this thing to see if I could get it to work right. I figured since the fireplace would light that it must be something simple.

    Now I find that the wall switch is wired wrong. Which does not surprise me cause I'm not impressed with the electrician that did this house. Anyway, the switch is wired for 120V instead of the 3 V. When I turn off the wall switch it turns off the 3V transformer. My understanding is this is not the way it is supposed to be wired.

    Anybody have any suggestions how I can correct this?

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