Intermittent issues- Heatilator CNK1484211

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Dec 12, 2022
Plano, TX
1. Initially pilot was not igniting.
2. I unplugged the power under the fireplace and then was able to ignite
3. The switch in the wall seems ok for increasing fan and decreasing but for some reason I was not able to
Ignite from the wall switch
4. How do I turn off the fire place apart from shutting gas? The off switch in Heatilator wall switch does not turn it off?
5. Is the problem in circuit board or wall switch?
6. The power connection supplies power to wall switch and no batteries
7. I see 2 "D" size batteries. Do I need to replace them?
8. What can I do to operate all correctly from wall switch?

Please help as I am a newbie and my daughter loves fireplace
Sincere thanks for all your help in educating me.

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Dec 2, 2008
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If the unit doesn't work unless you use the battery back up, I'd say the module under the unit
has failed. I'd start there. I'm not sure if that particular wall switch will function solely on battery power.
Those batteries will not last forever, so you may need to replace them, or at least keep fresh batteries
handy. If you pull one battery out of the cradle, the unit will turn off.
Jan 11, 2018
Seymour, TN
The receiver box underneath the fireplace has a switch on the side to activate the battery pack. Make sure that is not switched on. If it is, it will operate on batteries only. If the flame switch won't turn the unit off, make sure the thermostat mode isn't on.