interpretation of combustion analyzer results on a garn?

TCaldwell Posted By TCaldwell, Mar 30, 2008 at 10:58 PM

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    You know when you wife asks, what do you want for your birthday, and you say ,well i'll just get myself something small , that was all it took, the testo 327 combustion analyzer is actually small in size and in price, for a combustion analyzer. I had limited time but managed to get 0ne set of results,i am hoping somebody can interpret these, first off the boiler temp was 170deg, the secondary reaction chamber temp was 1711deg, the testo results were 334.2deg flue temp, 16.09percent co2, 84.6percent effiency, 23.9percent excess air, 4.1percent o2, 103ppm co, 129ppm co af, 56.3deg ambient. maybe somebody with combustion analyzer experience can tell if these results are in line. thanks tom
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