Is a chimney liner required for a pellet stove

Shelby Posted By Shelby, Jan 3, 2008 at 11:31 PM

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  1. Shelby

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    Jan 3, 2008
    I am looking to remove a wood stove that I presently have in my house and replace it with a pellet stove. My question is, will I have to install a stainless steel liner in my existing brick chimney or can I just have my pellet stove vent directly into my chimney. The existing wood stove is in the basement and the house is a two story so the chimney is fairly tall. I had a pellet stove in my previous house but it was direct vented out through the side of the house. In talking to one sales person, they recommend that I not use a liner but then others suggest that I do. What should I do?
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    Yes, you need to line an existing brick chimney, or just avoid it or go right out through it. This is for a couple of reasons - mostly that the existing flue is too cold and too large. It will be difficult for the pellet stove to push against all that cold air.

    Use a flex or rigid ss pipe, or you can even use Pellet vent if you like. Consult the stove manual for flue sizing - sometimes you have to use a size up or down from the pellet takeoff based on the flue height.

    Note - you may find that some manuals or other docs show installation into existing chimneys.....without lining. In certain cases, such as a very small interior chimney or even a 6" metal chimney straight up, this would work. But an exterior chimney will create problems.
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