Jamestown J2000 cleaning rod stainless Steel fix!

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    I inherited this Jamestown J2000 Wood Pellet Stove. It works well even though the auger motor kept falling off! :) LOL see my fix!

    Now the skinny tube scraper keeps getting stuck trying to push it in! The cleaning rod in other stoves have been upgraded to a slightly larger diameter in many other stoves so why not this one! The other stoves also have threaded rods at the end with nuts. These nuts also give more strength to keep the rake from racking which is that movement where one side of the rake pushes in more than the other side which makes the rake get stuck!
    Ok, so now what?
    The real problem here is getting the old rod out because it is welded in solid on both sides!
    So the first part is to cut the rob as close to the rake as possible and remove it. The best tool for this job is a Dremel with a 90 Deg angle. Not to difficult. Then remove the end of the rod which goes through the rake about 1 inch with a large bead of weld around both sides!
    I tried drill it out but the angle is not good and even with the right angle on the drill still did not help. So I fired up the Plasma cutter and set it to 40 amps to take it easy. Then with about one arc at a time cut the hole and the rod fell out! It seemed that I actually cut more of the weld around the rod, then the rod itself!
    After that it was easy just Drilling the hole in the front of the stove out to 21/64 inch and installing the new stainless steel rod with 2 - 1/4 x 20 nuts!
    See video and related Pics
    Part 1 - shows rod getting stuck

    Part 2 - Shows new Stainless Steel rod with 1/4” x 20 nuts. All Fixed!

    Pic 1 - Dremel Cutting rod out
    Pic 2 - Cut rod
    Pic 3 & 4 - Plasma Cutter Cutting welded tip out
    Pic 5 - hole cut with plasma cutter
    Pic 6 - New Stainless Steel rod & nuts
    Pic 7 - New thicker cleaning rod versus OEM rod

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