Jotul GF400DV gas smell before ignition

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Sep 10, 2023
Brevard nc
I just installed a Jotul GF400DV. The pilot has been lit for a day and we ran it last night and it seemed to run well with no gas smell other than a tiny amount when lighting the pilot and first starting the unit. I pracitcally had my head under the unit trying to smell for gas and it was faint and passed after a few mintues of running. I tested all the house to unit connections with copious amounts of Calblue as well. We turned it off and just had the pilot running over night and when I turned in on in the morning to test it again it did not ignite despite the pilot running, then we smelled gas, not a room full but occasionally a whiff so I turned off the burner button.
My unprofessional opinion is that it tried to ignite and did not and the gas leaked out of the unit but I an no expert. I am considering bringing someone out to check out the unit. Is it unusual to smell some gas before the burner ignites?
If the front glass is securely on the firebox, & all connections are tight, there should be no gas smell .
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