Just moved - New to system - indoor wood boiler with oil boiler

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New Member
Dec 6, 2021
Lockport, NY
Hello, I just purchased a 1800s home which has an oil boiler along with an SF 160 indoor wood boiler hooked to the system. I am new to boilers in general but the wood system has me confused. The thermostat controls the oil boiler via Honeywell Oil electronic aquastat. My question is how do I fire up the wood boiler and get the water circulator to cycle. The thermostat triggers the boiler and circulator. My thought was to install a 3 position switch. Middle position is completely off, top position allows the oil boiler and water pump to cycle, bottom position allows the water pump to fire when the wood boiler is fired up But that brings up many other questions. If I missed a thread explaining this please advise. Thanks for your time!

20211206_114343.jpg 20211206_111845.jpg 20211206_111738.jpg


Minister of Fire
Sep 15, 2011
Nova Scotia
If this has been used before by prior owner, you shouldn't have to add controls to get it to work. More pics of everything might help.