King kp130 tips to keep running smoothly

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New Member
Nov 29, 2020
SE Indiana
Have a King pellet stove model kp130, had a problem after about 2 weeks- would start up slowly also putting way too many pellets in. But then go to shut down saying Er-11, also when did get it to light and work at one point made weird nose, few sparks out back and tons of smoke . Problem was a clogged pipe (almost a chimney fire) due to us burning a lot of paper from wood stove we had. Cleaned that out and never had a problem since. Also I suggest getting a little metal shop vac made for vaccuming ash. We always have to make sure to vacuum it out before each use and also opening those ash trap doors on side of burner area and vacuuming about every 3 or 4 uses as these do get clogged with ash. Also you have to use a good hard wood pellet. You may have to try a few to find the right ones but you'll know when you do because you will rarely have any unburned or on the sides. One thing we did on our settings is turned the "pellet loading" time down. This helps with the pellet overload and keeps it running smoothly. To do this hold top buttons- heat rate and Aug until a number shows. We set ours on 1.75 as recommend, since it's set way to high from factory then hit start. Also make sure sensor under hopper lid is clicking when you shut it. My husband had to slightly bend this up so pressure from lid would push it or your Auger won't work. It's been running pretty good since we've done all this, so far so good- just got it in late September. It's a lot less work than wood. Only thing we have to do is bring in a bag of pellets, dump in hopper, clean out ash. I do have to check hopper every so often as all pellets near end of being empty will stay up on the sides and I push them to the middle. We keep ours on HR 1 and, RF auto and DF 1. We use about a bag (40 lbs) a day if it's running all day. With a modular home 2,144 sq ft. We have a ceiling fan above stove on low and a stand up fan on other side of room to circulate the heat. Also, we don't have a clean air pipe going outside of house as it's not required for this model so we keep air circulating. We also have the standard pellet pipe going up and connecting to our wood stove pipe (believe it's 6 in) and where a 90° is the pellet stove "T" pipe with removable bottom for ash dumping.