Kingwood wood furnace

Cstraus Posted By Cstraus, Nov 14, 2017 at 2:15 AM

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    15106475271441128011471.jpg 15106475271441128011471.jpg 1510647586705188878002.jpg 1510647622689665007900.jpg I just recently acquired this furnace and know nothing about it was wondering if anyone could shed some light on where to find parts or any information at all on the company it seems like a decent furnace but it has been cobbled together with wiring. There is no information on it at all except for the door on the furnace says Kingwood it has a blower and possibly an automatic damper coming out of the back that is disconnected it also has what appears to be a thermostat on the top I would like to get this back in working order right now the blower is hooked up to an electrical plug and always runs.

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