Kudos to PelPro - Great customer service experience

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Burning Hunk
Oct 8, 2010
Michigan's Upper Peninsula
We entered the pellet world this year, adding a PelPro PP130 to our family shop (where we sew canoe and kayak covers and accessories) and our house.

On Monday, I foolishly put my weight on the handle of the stove in the house when I stood up and snapped the inner latch roller bolt. I called PelPro to order a new one, expecting to pay for it, but they insisted that it would be covered by warranty. That was Monday at about 4 PM. The latch assembly shipped yesterday and I received it today.

It’s now installed and the PP130 is happily heating our house, once again.

The entire interaction was excellent: It’s stateside customer service, the rep I spoke with was very friendly and helpful, and they overnighted the part without being asked to do so.

So . . . A double thumbs up. :)
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Mt Bob

Minister of Fire
Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
Not unheard of,from them.A while back,when they had a huge bunch of stoves with bad dial controls,they were shipping them out 2-day,to anyone that called in with a problem.


New Member
Jan 21, 2022
Greater Philadelphia
Unfortunately it seems this is no longer the case, they have removed their phone number from their website and working with their customer service in 2023 is horrible. In my case they had a bad door latch that broke due to manufacturing issues. They had it buried on their website about getting a new latch. Nice of them to notify customers. Anyways I reached out via email as that is the only way of contacting them per their website. They did respond quickly and I responded back with all the requested information in less than 15mins (pictures, proof of purchase, etc). It then took them, after 3 follow up emails from me, 7 hours to respond back to let me know what was going on and that they would ship out a new part and when shipped would he 2 days shipping is the best they could do. Great! Well then I followed up with them the next day, which they informed me they have to wait for their warranty department....and it could take 2 weeks or more. Mind you, it's beginning of March and I cannot use the stove because of their questionable south east Asian parts failing and potential being a huge fire hazard. I asked for expedited, who knows what will happen. In all honestly, I understand things break, it's life. But it's been poor experience, they should really get their act together in making customers whole on the account of their issues. I'll probably not buy a pelpro again, it would have to take a lot of convincing. I'll probably go with a brand developed and manufacturered in the US. Just hoping that my stove will last much longer than the barely 2 years I have had it...