Laddomat Pump Replacement

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    I am trying to get the boiler up and running for the season. I had a very late start because of some other projects on the farm. When I first fired up the boiler, I noticed that the circulator wasn't, well, circulating. I pulled it off the Laddomat to verify that it wasn't stuck, which it wasn't. After researching on a few other forums, I read that it is the pump, not the capacitor, that has gone bad.
    I am looking for a replacement circulator for the Laddomat. The pump is a WILO RS25/7-3-P. I have read some older posts and I know this will be difficult to find. I have not found it anywhere in the US and have only found 1 location on the internet that sells it. That is in England and with shipping it will cost about $360. I have reached out to several supply companies, WILO, Termovent, and individuals and have a received only a few replies, but no possibilities. For that cost for a pump, I am considering taking out he Laddomat and replacing it with a Caleffi, but that is my last choice.
    Does anyone know where I can get this pump? If I can't get this exact model, are there any other WILO pumps that will perform as the original. I would be willing to switch from 240V to 120V if needed. I listed the specs at the end of the post.

    Thank you for any help offered!

    Star-RS 25/7

    Data sheet


    • Shaft
    1.4034, X46Cr13

    • Pump housing
    5.1300, EN-GJL-200

    • Impeller

    • Bearing material
    Total carbon

    Operating data

    • Max. fluid temperature T
    110 Celsius

    • Min. fluid temperature T
    -10 Celsius

    • Maximum operating pressure p
    10 bar

    Motor data

    • Emitted interference
    EN 61000-6-3

    • Interference resistance
    EN 61000-6-2

    • Mains connection
    1~230 V, 50 Hz

    • Power consumption P1(Q=max.) of selected impeller * number of pumps P1
    147 W

    • Max. speed
    2700 rpm

    • 0.6 A
    • Protection class motor

    Installation dimensions

    • Pipe connection on the suction side
    G 1½

    • Port-to-port length l0
    180 mm

    Information on placed orders

    • Net weight, approx. m
    2.80 kg

    • Brand

    • Product description
    Star-RS 25/7

    • Article number
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