New England (MA, CT, ME, NH, VT, RI) Latest prices at Fallon's in N Hampton, NH

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Feeling the Heat
Hearth Supporter
Dec 9, 2010
Kingston, NH
Just looked on Fallon's site (N. Hampton, NH

LG Spruce $330/ton
Ambience hardwood $360/ton
Wood&Sons white pine $375/ton
Vermont white pine $405/ton
Northern Warmth doug fir $455/ton
Supreme N W doug fir $520/ton

and all have this under them-
"in-stock product availability is continuously fluctuating. Currently, we are not taking orders online. Please email or call 603-926-2084 to confirm what is in stock and available. "

They didn't show the LG or Ambience on their site last May when we got our Vermonts. The Wood & Sons and Vermont are both $40 more now, both doug firs are up $30.
We usually budget $1250-$1300 (including delivery) a year, looks like that's going up another $400 next season.