Length of Igniter for St Croix Hastings - pre and post 2003

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Jim Kassal

Jan 8, 2019
Charlton, MA
I have a question regarding lengths of igniters for the St Croix Hastings stove. The length changed after 2003. My stove is newer and needs the shorter igniter. I bought a part that has the same part number as the one listed in my owners manual: 80P52677R. But it is too long. I don't know if the part I received was not really 80P52677R of if the part number in my manual was an error. The alternative part number is 80P52727R. But I have seen reference to that part as being for the older (pre 2003) stoves. Can anyone tell me which part number is for the shorter igniter?
Everything I see, the older ones use the shorter one. And th e677r is th eshorter one. Probably mis packaged.