Lennox-Country Stoves-Winslow PI40 Shutting down

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Dec 17, 2008
NE Oklahoma
Hello, we have a Lennox Country Stoves Winslow PI40 (insert). It has been a good pellet burner for the past 15 years. I have cleaned it well over the years and it has never faulted until this year. Early in the season, it worked fine. I did purchase some pellets that I thought had lots of dust, but the first couple of bags burnt well. Then one day, the stove started to shut down prematurely (still having pellets in the hopper).

I cleaned the hopper out and found that the auger did have a fair amount of dust and it appeared to be very difficult to turn by hand after I removed the auger motor. I tested the auger motor and cleaned it well (just some dust) and it appears to be running properly off of the stove. Still, the stove may run for a couple of hours to less than an hour and shuts down (no RED lights on control panel, however the Feed light is still either solid green or blinking off for just a couple of seconds - sometimes, I can hear the auger running and sometimes not).

I can run turn the stove to off, allow it to reset the control board (after 35 minutes per technical document), or once fans have stopped unplug for 15 seconds and plug it back up, then start the stove and it will start, run and heat for a short period (normally less than an hour), then shut off again. (It's getting very frustrating!).

I did do jumper testing on the vacuum switch and the overheat switch (located on left side of stove). Neither affected the unexpected shut downs.

I'm torn right now as to whether or not purchase a new auger motor, or have the control board replaced ($500! for that little circuit board with a couple of switches , led lights and fuses)

Any thoughts or other testing recommendations, will all be appreciated. Thanks in advance to all!

P.S. There are no Lennox technicians in this area any more, so access to a diagnostics tool is kind of out of the question. T
Hello all....

I installed a new auger motor and the stove is back to working as normal!

Interesting that the auger motor can turn, but after warming it can be weak enough to no longer turn the auger. At least it wasn't the control board!
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Interesting my PI40 insert is doing that dance as yours did and I wonder if there is a way to test if my auger is doing the same. It does work and runs for varying times prior to stopping pellet supply and going out then flashing a 2 red flashes. Seems the auger is working fine then stops pushing pellets after running a while. I have been thinking that something is signaling the auger to shut down not that it is failing? I have had thoughts of the circuit board maybe went bad. Thanks for any help. Jim