lennox montage not feeding pellets

steevo Posted By steevo, Oct 16, 2012 at 9:00 PM

  1. steevo

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    Oct 17, 2011
    central ct
    decided to get the stove ready seeing its starting to get cool out, turned it on and did not hear any pellets feeding. after looking at the stove i noticed the auger motor fell completed off the auger itself which is held up on the auger by a allen head set screw. so i installed the auger motor again, fired up the stove and still no pellets feeding. un-mounted the motor and took a quick look at it, and hile holding it the auger motor selenoid will pop in and out but will not engage the actual motor. i can feel the selenoid working but the motor will not turn. so it seems i need to replace the auger motor.
    stove is a little over a year old and says it has a limited lifetime warranty so we'll see tomorrow when i call the dealer ( told ny lennox to call dealer). wost case scenario i have to buy the auger motor which s arounf $100.
    im glas it happened today instead of when it was really cold out.......also nice its a very simple stove to work on, of course you would think lennox would have used a little loc-tite on the set screw which is huge....

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