Lennox Winslow PI40 shutting off

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Oct 14, 2011
Southern NH
I have a 2 year old Lennox Winslow insert that will run from 15min to 2 hours then shut off with the red problem light blinking. I can restart again and it will do the same thing. I have cleaned out the side ports and all blowers, chimney, pipe ect. It burns really well when it is running. I did replace the proof of fire switch and that did nothing. I am thinking of replace the control board as what else could it be. I am afraid to have a tech come out and get it running only to shut down after he leaves. Any suggestions would be helpfull. Thanks
Get a tech out there, ask if they have a code reader for the Winslow. If they don't have one do not bother with them. Sounds like it could be a vacuam problem.
no code reader for winslow. Are you having the red light blink 2 short blinks, 2 long blinks, or 1 short 1 long? If you think its the POF switch, you could just be experiencing bridging in the hopper. When you find the unit out are there any pellets in the burnpot?
From my user manual for the PI-40

Ready light is constant red Ignition Failure
Ready light flashes red 1 short and 1 long blink Vacuum Switch Open
Ready light flashes red 2 short blinks Proof of Fire Snap Switch Open
Ready light flashes red 2 long blinks Over Temperature Snap Switch Open

Hope that helps.
It is 2 short blinks but I already replaced the POF snap switch and that did nothing. Kinda wierd it can run for several hours or several minutes. No rime or reason. When it shuts down it goes into it normal mode as if it was up to temperature. It doesnt matter if it is on 1,2 3 or 4 it still does the same thing. Wouldnt the code reader just tell me the same thing and the tech in the area doesnt have the code reader I already asked him. He said it was cleaning out the side ports. I asked him if it could be the control board and he said probably not as these are very reliable. Thanks for all the input. :)
Check the POF for being fastened securely to the exhaust system and that the contact surface both on the POF and the exhaust is clean, along with this make certain the wiring is securely fastened to the POF. Also check the POF connection at the control board.

Loose connections frequently move when things expand due to heat.
POF switch open doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with the POF, just means the unit has dropped below operational temp. This could be too much air through the burnpot (burning itself out faster than its feeding), could be long pellets moving slowly through the system or jamming in the auger/hopper. DO you have whole pellets jumping out of the burnpot when its running? Doesn't sound like a control board issue to me either, which is good IMO.
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No it doesnt have pellet jumping out of the burn pot. Sometime I can catch it when it shuts down right away and it is still burning well. I just turn it off and on again press the start button and it keeps going. It burned fine the whole 1st year without any problems. It started about 3/4 of the way through last season. THX
hmmm, i suppose you could just have a whacky POF switch, or loose connection as Smokey suggests. I'm sorry I dont have any other suggestions, but it doesn't sound like a control board issue, those are usually catasrophic type failures where nothing works at all.
Something else to consider is power glitches at the outlet.

I have no idea what state the control board would consider the stove to be in after a glitch, I would suspect it would enter a failsafe mode which would shut the stove down. I agree with Delta-T about it likely not being the control board but that doesn't mean it isn't. Usually when control boards go they lock up, keep parts from not even turning or always turning.
I have the same stove... it's a POS some times.... heh

what code is it throwing?

How open is your damper? It's possible you may be tripping the over heating circuit if the damper is closed too much, and just the opposite to the proof of fire if it's open too much.
Missed that...

I struggled with that one myself for a while.

CLEAN the heck out of blower. Once you pull the snap switch, go in with a fine tipped vac extender/straw and sweep it clean. If the POF switch is at all dirty/sooty, it will act up. put it in clean and dry so no ask will build up on it.

Check your damper as well. These ship wide open. I had to back mine off about 25% to keep it running perfect and performing a full burn. Wide open, i got no heat. Nearly closed, i had massive unburnt pellets in the burn pot after 24 hours and it needed to be scooped out manually. Find that sweet spot somewhere int he 75% open area.
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