Life expectancy of your pellet stove.

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How many years do you expect from your pellet stove?

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South of Boston

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Dec 6, 2008
How long do you expect your stove to last? With a car 10 -12 years I'd be happy. What point does one replace the stove instead of parts?
I am expecting to have some problem that needs attention within the next three years but expect to have the stove for 10 years as it should be able to be repaired and after the warranty is over, I feel comfortable working on it.

For the price I paid, I really hope it last that long.

Mark :)
I need 4 years to break even on heating costs, and another 2 to cover the chiropractor.

There are a few folks on here running on 15 year old stoves.
If theirs can last that long I don't see why mine can't.
Take care of it and it will keep on tickin.
I purchased a 5 year extended warranty through my dealer so I have that in the bag. I think 10 years is a reasonable life expectancy. I believe I should break even at the 3 1/2 to 4 year range so six years of savings wouldn't be bad!
My intention is to properly maintain mine. So, I expect to get at least 7 years out it, but looking for 10 years.

Given murphy's law, I expect that things will start failing just outside the warranty period.

Take someone who never cleans theirs, it will probably see problems about 1 month into the second season. Then it will show up on Craig's list.
I have 2 Tragger furnaces at 10 years, Harman Pellet pro II @ 17 Years and a Harman P61 @ 8 years all still going strong with very little spent on parts over the years.

I am hoping to get atleast 10+ years out of my stove but who knows.
Until then, I plan to take care of it so it will last as long as possible.
Jefflitzy said:
I have 2 Tragger furnaces at 10 years, Harman Pellet pro II @ 17 Years and a Harman P61 @ 8 years all still going strong with very little spent on parts over the years.


Awesome! Good to hear! Thank you! That is the kind of life, I want out of my stove. I mean, it is cast iron, and everything else should be replaceable as far as I am concerned.

Mark :)
Deffy said:
i'm expecting my stove to last 20 yrs, (the steel shell& glass) but the motors i'd like to get 6-8 years out of.

this is of course if nothing stupid happens like a major overfire.

i also expect in 10 yrs the technology and efficiency to be improved enough that this unit will retire to the garage for peridioc use only and a new more efficient model to take its place in the house. hopefully one with remote control, auto reversing anti-jam augers, and tcp/ip monitoring control with sms text notification of things like no flame conditions.

that would be plenty to get me to buy a new stove before this one bites the dust. seems feasable in 10 yrs but hten again, its 2009, wheres my flying car?!?!?

This is pretty much what I was thinking. Mechanical parts will almost certainly wear out, but the core of the stove should be fine for the long run. I'd say pellet stoves are a much better bet for people who are willing to take on the challenge of replacing an auger, fan, board. The folks who are not comfortable with that often throw them up on CL (needs attention) after they get a quote on a repair job.
I'm 4 seasons and roughly 15 tons in with my stove and I still have not replaced a mechanical part <knock wood>. I have pulled the combustion and distribution blowers though...and see that they'll be pretty simple to replace when the time comes.
Also for your info I have not put any parts into the Tragger furnaces,
The PPII needed top burn pot plates about every 5 years, the P61 differential safety switch, ESP probe and circut board this year as well as burn pot plates

Burn pot plates are a normal wear Item for Harman stoves about 1 every 12 ton of pellets I have found

In total They burn about 25 Tons of pellets a year heating 13,000 square feet
I am a 16 year old Austroflaam now. Runs like new just need to replace the gaskets every couple of years and keep it clean. I would say this stove has over 100 tons through it.
Been burning my little Breckwell P22 Charm stove since '95(bought new). So far I have been blessed with not having any major issues. In fact, the only repair/replacement parts done are door and window gaskets. My combustion blower is on it's way out I believe, but can't really complain 'bout that. One thing I should note is that for the 1st few years it was used as a supplement to FHA, but recent years it has been my primary source. Also, I live in a bit milder climate than most here so the stove was and has not been worked as hard as some or most others living in colder, more harsh areas.
My Whitfield Advantage II-T 1995 has been running for 14 years with all original parts, I live in Northern California, so the stove get's use 5 months out of the year. I think this stove will be around for years..
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