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Very nice and practical article for selecting pipe/pump combinations that will work. They are doing their customers a good service. It will make it easy for new installers to select from a table a combination that has allready passed the formulas and keep fluid dynamics for another day. Possibly never ...:)

here is another that I cant say enough about. Understanding the impact of liquid material, flow rates, BTU loads, temperature differentials would have you pulling out hair. Use this tool to find and size the HX and flow rates you will need to get the heat out of your boiler and into your tank. Make doing what if I ... variations simple. I wish I had bought my HX from them to say thanks. ( You have to sign-up/login , it's free and what is on the other side is well worth the trouble )

This has disclaimers about accuracy but it was dead on for my home and allows a DIYer to cut the crap and get a working number for the BTU load. I cross checked the results by comparing the annual estimates with the Gal of propane I actually purchased. Scary close almost like it is not magic just basic science. :) I have a year now of watching tank loss and outside temps to say the number this site allowed me to get ( Without fancy software or Hiring a manual J calculation ) was right on.

For a person looking to get started these 3 are gold. They answer some of the big starter questions, how much heat do I need, What size: boiler/tank/pipes/pumps/HX and then you can start to get an accurate cost in mind.


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Heaterman posted this link on sizing your expansion tank. Includes a sizing chart on page 15.​
Most of this very good article regarding expansion tanks was adapted from Taco's website. The very first sentence of the paper will give you a rough guideline for sizing but there is a wealth of info about placement of the tank in the piping as well as in relationship to pumps. Fill pressure and how to determine the correct psi is also covered. (Hint, 12 psi is not correct for all applications)​
Tons of good info. I knew I had it bookmarked somewhere.........​
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