Little late, but finally did season end cleaning

vinny11950 Posted By vinny11950, Jun 30, 2013 at 9:33 AM

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    Yesterday! I usually close it up in May but had to keep burning a few times and then in June was mostly occupied with other projects.

    I thought I would find a moist mess in the fire box but it was fine.

    Got me to wondering if leaving the firebox covered in ash could actually help keep the moisture off the metal and prevent rust during the hot humid months? Any one try this from experience or laziness?

    I would have taken pictures, but I was a dirty, sweaty mess and didn't even want to touch the camera.

    On a side note, last fall I started using the Wurth 2000 lube on the motors and the results were very positive. The lube sprays very liquid so it drips into the tight spots and then thickens up a bit to form a thicker, stickier lube gel. The motors ran well.

    For the summer, I need to work on getting some bushings for the auger as it was wobbling a bit at times and making noises. I think I read Ken Williams say it was a common thing for Enviros.
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