Lopi Leyden - New Control Board

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Mar 11, 2019
Might be long winded but trying to spell it all out.

Have a ~2008 Lopi Leyden Pellet Stove, works fine, control board it has is fine. What I'm thinking of doing though is buying a Lopi AGP Control board for the extended shutdown procedure it has. The programs have the option to slowly step down heat levels once t-stat stops calling for heat or go to low for 15 mins and then shutdown, unless a call for heat happens then it goes to the heat setting. I want this option because our current Lopi pellet stove (Yankee Bay insert, same era) typically shuts down and within 15-20 mins is calling for heat again, it's partially the room it's in being coldest in the house and t-stat being on outside wall, but I want to avoid the cycling (or have it sit at low until heat is called for) . I've looked at the wiring diagrams and the outputs/inputs are the same except that the AGP technically controls a "metering auger motor" instead of an actual auger like on the leyden, and there's no "Push auger motor" which is the only connector on the AGP board that is truly different. So onto the real question of, is it feasible the AGP board would work on the leyden and work as expected like the "stock" but give me the newer shutdown program?

Yes I could look at buying a AGP or FoxFire, but ~255-450 for a control board or ~2-4k+ for a new pellet stove for relatively simple feature.

Current control board wiring diagram: https://www.travisdealer.com/TechnicalNotices/17601431.pdf
AGP Control board wiring diagram, page 43: https://www.travisindustries.com/docs/100-01270.pdf


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Nov 6, 2017
Lorraine NY
With the dual auger of the AGP I would have to say its not a worthwhile swap. Auger Shaft flutes the same? Auger RPM’s the same? On-Off feed timing the same?
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