Lopi Stove Adventures

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Dec 16, 2008
northwest CT
We had an Austroflamm Integra for over 20 years and loved it (hence my username). We finally moved on from it because it was getting difficult to locate parts and support, and constantly dealing with the shallow (1") ash pan was getting old. We bought a Lopi AGP, which lasted 2 years when the auger seized. Travis Industries had welded the auger unit in such a way that it couldn't be removed, so the stove was useless. Our dealer offered us any of his other stoves and we chose the Foxfire. More BTUs , nice touch screen controls, not bad to look at. Three years later and the exhaust fan starts screeching like a banshee. The part was $300, but the real surprise was finding that Travis had already discontinued the Foxfire. A person at the dealer's said it was because they hadn't sold well, but a serviceman we know said it was because the model had too many issues. Does anybody know the real story? This is definitely our last Lopi. They look great, but we're just waiting for the next breakdown and would like to know what problems might blindside us down the road. Thanks in advance.