Lopi Yankee pellet stove stopped working...No fans on start up

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Oct 21, 2023
Kevin here and a new member. Not to hijack this thread but I have a question about the vacuum switch. have a Yankee Lopi model pellet stove that is probably close to 20 years old. It has worked flawlessly for the most part. I have replaced the door seal and the auger motor 8-10 years ago. I cleaned the unit pretty well and started to burn this week. It whirled into action as I dreamed that it would. Used it sporadically for three days. Went to turn it on yesterday and All I heard was a hum. No fans, no auger, nothing. I checked for clogs and found none. I pulled the auger out along with the spindle and cleaned everything. Plugged the auger into the stove but out of the chute. Nothing. I checked for power at the electrical connections and no power. I bench tested the auger and it works fine. Plugged it back in and nothing. I read up and found that the vacuum switch is often the culprit. I bypassed the vacuum switch and the auger whirled into action. Put it together and filled the hopper. Turned it on and the auger spun and spit out pellets. But still no fans and the pellets did not ignite. Tried again with the heat and fans settings set to high. Nothing. So my question is will the bypassed vacuum switch cause the fans not to run? Seems odd that neither fan works suddenly. Can I bench test the fans the same way as the auger? Seems switch or electrical related to me.
Thanks in advance to my inquiry,

So my question is will the bypassed vacuum switch cause the fans not to run?
No after turning on the first thing that should run is the exhaust fan. The room fan will not run until the stove reaches 120 degrees. You can bench test both fans as you did auger. The vacuum switch controls the auger, during normal operation the vacuum switch senses that the exhaust blower is running and there are no leaks or plugs, ie it senses the minor vacuum of the air flow the exhaust blower creates. Your auger is running after you jump the vacuum switch because you are fooling the stove into thinking the exhaust blower is running and you have good vacuum .
Thank you so much ARC. Makes perfect sense. So I got home from work and bench tested my exhaust motor. A faint hum is all I get. So I'm after an exhaust fan. As my luck always has it, there is paint overspray over the label on the motor so I can't read any specs. Can you or anyone direct me for the proper replacement motor?

Thank you again ARC

Look inside your hopper lid and see if you have a model number and serial number for stove. (Thinking Yankee PS) If not there check rear of stove. Also post a picture of blower if you can? Sometimes you can just replace the motor and impeller but on some stoves you have to replace the exhaust motor housing too. Measure the plate that the motor is hooked to should be 7 inches. Here a couple examples of a exhaust for Lopi Yankee PS. You can google your stove and get many others. You could try putting a couple drops of machine oil (3in1 or other brands) I use Anderol but it is a little expensive, in motor bushings some have oil ports but some you have to put a drop on the outside of bearings.

Oil Ports


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