Lowest BTU output stove with reasonable burn time on the market for 240 sq foot well insulated tiny home (Climate zone 7)?

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Feeling the Heat
Dec 11, 2009
Central NY
RV heater is a good idea. He would still need a power source (albeit 12v). Concerning Mr Buddy heaters, fine for emergency. Just be aware of the amount of water they put into the air. We used one in our cabin the first fall before we got the wood stove in. I was amazed at the amount of condensation on the windows that thing caused.

The minisplit idea is a good one. Add a mini wood stove to that (one that has a glass front) and it might be ideal. You could use the wood stove when you wanted for ambiance or instead of the heat pump at times, but not have to rely on something that got you all night burns. The small wood stove wouldn't overheat the place either. Best of both worlds. FWIW, we like to sleep with the place cooler at night. Hard to do in a small place with a wood stove, if you have to load it up to try to get through the night. Usually no problem by morning though :)