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RCR Posted By RCR, Nov 10, 2012 at 6:50 PM

  1. RCR

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    Nov 4, 2012
    Made a decision on a (new to me) M55 cast and need some help on venting.See attached picture of corner of my living room where it will be installed.I I have taken the manual and determined where the vent exits the stove 45's and exits the house ( as shown by my highly scientific mock of sticks on the floor :) ). The wall w/ the outlet is the south side and back of the house, the adjacent non outlet wall is the west side of my house and also the prevailing wind side @ winter. Corner and out would be the easiest installation.The punch out would be roughly 4' above grade outdoors either way. My hope was to punch out on the outlet side (back of house). Problem is the wall thimble will be very very close to the receptacle.Worse yet the vent height off hearth top surface is dead center of wiring that is running horizontally left and right as the outlet is in a chain.

    Plan A
    ICC vent corner and out (non outlet west wall prevailing wind side of house) . Hope like hell that there is enough slack in wire to create a loop in electrical wire below vent pipe. If not I guess I could always fish a new wire to the next outlet.

    Plan B
    Selkirk DT corner and out same problem as above worse because of 6" tube but only 1 penatration.

    Plan C Selkirk DT BLACK up and out and make it look like a woodstove. Problem here $$$$$$

    Is there another solution I am overlooking?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. cletus

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    Jan 23, 2012
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    My suggestion is going to cost more money but I have had better result's by installing this way. Start with your appliance adapter to a clean out tee up four feet to a 90 then out the wall two feet. this will set you away from the wall a few more inches but you will pickup the radiant heat off the stove pipe before it exits out the house and create a natural draft and if you lose power it will not smoke out the house. I also recomend icc pipe only I have had trouble with other brands leaking
  3. Countryboymo

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    Either way you need a rise. If you do it inside then you reap some reward of the pipe temp at @180 degrees inside but have to look at it. If you do it outside, you don't have to look at it inside but then have to look at it outside.

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