MA June Tornado vivtims get addional PV rebate

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    Block 8 of the Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program will open at 1pm on Friday, October 14, 201

    Commonwealth Solar II provides rebates for homeowners and businesses in Massachusetts who install solar photovoltaics (PV). Rebates are granted through a non-competitive application process for the installation of photovoltaic (PV) projects by professional, licensed contractors at residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and public facilities. In addition to the base incentive, further incentives (“addersâ€) are available for installations using components manufactured in Massachusetts, for individuals with moderate income or home values, and for those who are rebuilding in the wake of a natural disaster. For all systems, rebates are calculated by multiplying the per watt incentive (base incentive plus adders) times the nameplate capacity of the system, up to 5 kilowatts (kW); non-residential projects are eligible for rebates only if their total capacity is under 10kW. Rebates must be approved before the installation process begins.

    Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program
    Rebate Levels ($ per watt (DC @ STC))
    Base Incentive

    $ 0.75
    Additions to Base
    Massachusetts Company Components Adder

    $ 0.10
    Moderate Home Value Adder OR
    Moderate Income Adder ≤ 120% of MA median income (Residential Projects Only)

    $ 0.85
    Natural Disaster Relief Adder

    $ 1.00

    The Host Customer (and project site) must be a customer of a Massachusetts electric distribution utility that collects the Renewable Energy Systems Benefit Charge from their customers and deposits those funds into MassCEC's Renewable Energy Trust Fund. Further eligibility requirements apply, and potential rebate recipients should read the full program documentation (linked below) before moving forward.

    Recipients of the Commonwealth Solar II rebate will also be eligible to earn Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (“SRECsâ€) through participation in the newly launched RPS Solar Carve-Out, managed by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER). The RPS Solar Carve-Out is a market-based incentive program to support residential, commercial, public, and non-profit entities in developing solar photovoltaic (PV) projects across the Commonwealth. DOER has developed a price support mechanism for SRECs, referred to as the Solar Credit Clearinghouse, to facilitate solar project development and financing in the SREC market. As with RPS Class I RECs, SRECs will be traded on the New England Generation Information System. More information is available on DOER’s web site.

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