Matra Pellet weirdness

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Feeling the Heat
Feb 7, 2006
Eastern Ma
So I burned Matra Pellets for two years, and they are seriously nice pellets: they are very low ash, which is critical for me, as I use a pellet insert & cleaning out the flue requires pulling the stove out of my fireplace (which is a PITA)

But the weird thing is, they are slightly sticky. Not so much that you would notice touching them, but the last 2-3 pounds in the hopper don't drop all the way down - they stick to the the hopper's corners & edges. And when I cleaned the ash, the layer on the glass (I use a Harman Accentra) required a lot of elbow grease to get off.

At first I assumed it was just my stove getting old, but this year I switched back to Logik-e pellets, and the stove was back to normal.

I would rate these pellets 9/10