MAxim 255 pe under performing

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New Member
Jan 6, 2021
I have 5 maxims, 4 250s and one 255 pe. The 255 is giving me issues. ITs clean, as in you can eat off of it clean from the chimney to the back of the auger. it has 25 ft of insulated chimney on it, it sits in an insulated shed. It is heating a 550 gallon heat storage tank that my house, green house, and shop pull from. I took out a 250k btu coal boiler because I get seed corn for free. the coal boiler kept up easily and this thing took 5 days to get the water tank up to 140 degrees. the coal unit did 180 degrees in 24 hours. I am curious if this unit is over rated on btu output? I am also getting smoke in to the hopper. With that much draft on the chimney I didnt think I should have that problem. I am running the same fuel in the other 4 boilers with no issues in 4 years. any thoughts?
Thank you