Maxim M250 pellets in the sight window


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Mar 15, 2020
North Pole, Alska
Hello all,

I have a maxim m250 installed in my garage that is tied into out radiant heating system. The stove is cleaned every 2 ton or so, and we only run it when the low temp 5 day average is below 10F( in Alaska so thats usually about 5.5 months).

I have started to notice that the pellets are backing up on top of the feed auger, however the stove continues to regulate the water temp and run normal. Occasionally the feed auger will seize up and the with the pellets stacked up on the burn auger, the door that separates the feed chute from the burn auger, will not close. More so, with the backup of pellets restricting the door from closing, smoke will come up through the system and vent out of the hopper.
Needless to say there is no back burn protection when the door is wedged open for excess pellets. I have replaced the motor and all of the components in the back burn door assembly. The burn auger has also been replaced.

Looking for any other suggestions that hopefully don’t involve replacing the motors for the feed or burn auger and the control board. My local dealer charges an arm and a leg for service calls but I am about out of options.

Thanks for any idea.