MT Vernon AE - Will not start

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New Member
Jun 23, 2023
I have a MT Vernon AE insert that was working all winter, but just says startup, the exhaust blower runs, and nothing happens...and then it says shutdown after about 5 minutes. I have unplugged it and plugged it back in, the auto clean runs, and then same thing. Does not seem to be feeding any pellets, but I get no error codes...just sits there in "shutdown" with exhaust blower running. If I try to switch it to off using control panel...nothing...just sits there with exhaust blower running...will not actually shutdown. I have to unplug it

Any ideas / solutions would be appreciated! New Auger motor perhaps?
ToSoldier welcome to the forum
It may take a while to get you an answer
Most pellet burners don't watch the forum during the summer.
I am not that experienced with your stove but some things I know
may help. First, when did the stove have an in-depth full cleaning?
Do you have a manual? If not here is one it may help
More info about start-up will help lights on (colour) pellets dropping etc.
Note after a missed start the stove goes into shutdown mode and will
run for a while before turning off
As stated above, when was the stove cleaned well ? This means the baffle off and cleaning the openings below fins, and thru entire exhaust ? Have you tried cleaning the optical sensor that straddles the disc with the holes in it ? Have you tried jumping the vac switch, to see if it is bad? Have you pulled the vac switch hose and made sure it is clear of any debris ? kap
You state that the combustion blower runs and nothing else. That means to me no pellets drop and you can not see the ignitor glow in the stove. If the combustion blower does not draw a sufficient vacuum no pellets will drop and the ignitor will not fire up. Causes can be restricted exhaust anywhere from the internal stove to the end of the chimney. When is the last time the stove and chimney have been cleaned well?