"Mud-like" caked ashes in fire pot?

LRRifleman Posted By LRRifleman, Jan 22, 2012 at 4:50 PM

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    I am becoming thoroughly confused ... what I am seeing in my stove defies all that I have learned in science classes!!!

    I am currently "burning" "Nation's Choice" pellets in my Regency Greenfire 55 pellet stove. It is getting to the point, due to EXTREME ash yield in the fire chamber, that I must clean out the fire chamber and fire pot almost every other day. Of late, when I go to clean out the fire pot, I have to scrape the firepot clean, since there is an almost 2 inch thick build-up of caked ash, which seems to be bonded together by a presence of moisture ... much like caked mud. What has me boggled, is that I know there should not be any moisture present within the stove, because of the heat ...

    What am I experiencing?

    When I clean out the fire pot of fire chamber, I typically allow the fire to burn out, due to either mechanical fuel starvation, fuel depletion, or oxygen starvation ... and I allow the stove to cool off for about an hour or so. There should not be eough time for moiture or condensation to collect within the chamber!

    Any and all advice is vastly appreciated!

    I am not fond of the "Nation's Choice" pellets, and would not willingly purchase them again ... I am trying to deplete my supply of them (about 40 bags remaining) before I return to the "Lignetics" I was able to acquire at the beginning of the month!
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