Napoleon NPS 45 Pellet Stove: Where does this black wire connect?

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Jan 5, 2016
Nobleboro, ME
I had new carpet installed in my living room and had to move my pellet stove.
I put back the pellet stove after the carpet was installed and when I started the pellet stove there was a "poof" sound and something shorted out so no power.
I figured that the igniter had blown (again!) and maybe it had, but the bigger problem was that black wires had somehow wrapped themselves around the auger motor shaft. I removed the auger motor to unwrap the wires and one black wire was unattached and I don't know where it goes. In the picture it is the long black wire in lower right with the exposed end of the wire pointing toward the control panel. Do you know where this wire connects and how it connects?
If I can find where the wire connects maybe I can then test the auger motor and igniter, etc to see what the issue is. (I think when I removed the pellet stove and had to lay it down awkwardly to get it through a door, the auger motor must have caught the wire harness and when the stove started and the auger turned, it started to wind the wires around it.) Not too smart here in Maine!
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Napoleon NPS 45 Pellet Stove: Where does this black wire connect?