Naturally aspirated gassifier chimney

ISeeDeadBTUs Posted By ISeeDeadBTUs, Jan 23, 2008 at 3:55 PM

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    I had a PM about my chimney, and just in case anyone else wants to use this info to analyze their draft, I thought I'd reply here . . .

    90 deg elbow at the GW outlet.
    Stove pipe goes up to another 90deg elbow at the same height as the GW top
    Goes into a Metalbestos "T" bottom has a cleanout plug)
    Then three sections of Metalbestos (34" persection)

    I think GW says .05-.07 WC for draft. Because the guy who installed it is always in to much of a hurry, he never checked it. When I first started running the GW, I was having trouble - as I suspect most nebies do - and I called GW. The tech guy said forget adding any more pipe, go with the Terglund(sp?) draft inducing fan. Though I bought it, I never installed it. Seems to me that I should actually MEASURE the draft before I go screwin' with it.

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