Need help! Best Brand of Pellets and Quad 1200i troubleshooting

b_newhall Posted By b_newhall, Nov 3, 2010 at 12:21 PM

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  1. b_newhall

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    Nov 3, 2010
    Grantham, NH

    We bought our quadra-fire 1200i pellet stove insert in September and it came with a ton of New England Pellets (the store we picked the stove and pellets up at is 2 hrs away.) Everything seemed to start out ok. We then bought 2 tons of Freedom Fuel from Home depot it was on sale and a good deal (we are very new and didn't realize quality differences) Since using both the auger seems to stop feeding and the pellet stove will shut down and it is still calling for heat and the red light is on if we hit the reset it will start up again. Another problem sometimes the pellets don't even slide down to the auger they will stay in the top portion of the hopper.

    So question one what is the best pellet for the money in the NH area?

    Has anyone had the same problem of the pellet stove shutting off and having to hit the reset? It has happened when we are at work, and I don't want the pipes freezing this winter...

    Thanks for you help!
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    You might have better luck posting this in the pellet forum . . . maybe one of the moderators would be kind enough to move it there for you.
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