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    I just bought a new Consolidated Dutchwest X-tra large woodstove and am having a problem my dealer cannot solve. The stove stinks the house up with wood smoke smell after the damper is dropped! Dealer came and resealed the combustor area under the top of the stove but its still the same. The fire dampens right down as soon as the damper is dropped, only smolders the wood. My old Dutchwest had 2 primary air inlets, this new one has 1 only.I have installed this stove in a 12x12 masonry chimney and have not had any draft problems with the last 2 stoves that were in it. I have put 6 ft of 8" pipe up thru the smoke chamber to help the draft but still the stove stinks. Any help would be appreciated- we had not had ANY help from Vermont Castings and this will be my last stove from them!


    It sounds like it may not be hot enough when you are closing the damper for the catalyst to ignite and burn the flue gases. Wait until your probe reads 500--600 degrees and then close the damper and see if this still happens. If it works ok try to decrease temperature until you find what is the lowest that you can engage your catalyst and still achieve secondary burn, you should notice a jump up to around 1200 degrees on the probe thermometer once secondary burn begins.

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