New Equipment / Economic stimulus for 2021...

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Burning Hunk
Nov 25, 2017
Western, MA
Recently I sold my 35 ton DHT splitter and Husky 262XP saw with the plan on upgrading on both fronts. After some back and fourth, I ended up with a Stihl MS 500i with both 20" and 28" bars and a Swisher 34 Ton Splitter. The fuel injected Stihl is an absolute animal with amazing throttle response and stupidly easy starting. The Swisher is a really well thought out and well made American product. It runs an electric start Kawasaki twin, has a 15 gallon tank, and a mid 11 second cycle time. For me, the upcharge was worth it on both fronts. I don't have much time on either yet with it being the middle of winter but I'm looking forward to next spring's processing!

Very nice. Love getting new tools.
Thank you sir. New tool day is one of my favorite days of the year...
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I visited the swisher factory a few months back....its about a hour from here.... and looked at that model and their electric 22ton. That 34 ton you bought is a beast. Good company too.
I had a feeling they were decent folks in the few times I spoke with them before ordering Grizz. I was also considering the Iron and Oak which was one of the only other American made vertical/horizontal units I had to choose from but they seemed more commercial and less personal.
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Nice that husky chain in the photo of the new saw? Also whats in the plastic on the left of saw photo?
Plastic bag was tools and tool pouch. Yes, on the Husky chain. My dealer was out of Stihl 20" so I took a pair Husky X-Cut instead. It's one of my favorite chains so I didn't mind the substitution. For the 28" Light bar, they had the Stihl chain in stock but I only grabbed one of those since that bar will be used less.
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Very nice equipment. Have to give us some feedback on them after you get some hours in.
Will do. We are just getting over an arctic blast and now 10" coming tomorrow so it will be a bit... It will happen though... ;)
I'll probably use my stimulus to make some repairs to my truck.
I did that last year about this time SB. New batteries, tires, etc......
I did that last year about this time SB. New batteries, tires, etc......
My clutch began to slip a few weeks ago and the rear section of the wiring harness has been ravaged by rodents.
When it's less fun expenses like repairs, I like to turn it into an upgrade to make it less painful. For mine, I went to Odyssey AGM batteries and upsized Toyo AT2 tires. I find it doesn't feel as much like maintenance when it's also an upgrade...
I used the last one to play with stocks. Talked my buddy into it as well. We both did really well although I spent my earnings on a set of tires for my dually and brain farted the capital gains tax.