New igniter still not working


Nov 5, 2016
Vashon ,Washington
Was just using starter jell but that's getting old. I did an ohm test and also changed out pressure switch. Then I put a kill a watt tester in line and it was only drawing 100 watts not 400 watts if igniter was on. So could it be the board??


Burning Hunk
Sep 11, 2015
East Canton, Ohio
More information will be helpful. Make and model, age of stove and is it running on a surge protector?
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Minister of Fire
Nov 19, 2005
Berks County PA.
Igniter probably went out and took out the board with it, some harman owners put an inline fuse on the igniter wire to prevent it from happening again.


Minister of Fire
Boards are expensive but then you already know that. I think if the board functions are correct, minus the igniter and the igniter (cal rod) gets hot, I'd wire the cal rod to a manual toggle switch to energize it and call it good.

Never had that convenience. Always use starter gel (aka: hand sanitizer).