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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 24, 2007 at 4:36 AM

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    I bought a new Jotul and it only heats my house to about 66 to 68 degrees.If I watch over it like a baby, I can get it up 70 degrees in a 400 square feet area. I have to shut the doors to the rest of the house to get it that high. My house is much smaller than the 1300 square feet that it says it would heat. The stove was put in by the dealer along with the piping. I called the dealer and they came out to see what was the problem. They said I should get a thermometer attached to the stove and adjust the air-intake . I am going to buy a thermometer but I have tried shutting the air-intake so it uses less air as they showed me. I have to leave the door open and shut the flu COMPLETELY to get the house warm.


    You're problem is one I've heard thousands of times over the years. Burning wood in a fireplace is truly an art because EVERY home is different in it's design, materials, and chimney systems. Let me give you some quick sound advice.

    1) Buy the thermometer and place it on the stove
    2) The manual should tell you what normal operating temperatures you should be running the stove. That's your benchmark. Try operating at slightly higher temperatures than the manual says but not TOO hot as it could damage the stove.
    3) You may have a strong draft as indicated by your symptoms. Have the dealer inspect the system, measure the draft using a draft gauge.
    4) If the draft is too strong, install a pipe damper to slow the flow down.
    5) Check your wood. If it's too dry, it will burn very fast leaving little time for the cast iron to pick up the heat and transfer it into the room. It's called residency time which is needed for good heat transfer efficiency.
    6) Work with the dealer, and the two of you will resolve the issue. You own a fine product made by a reputable company.
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