New member. 25YO Whitfield Quest FSWP4. Gasket under burn pit

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New Member
Jan 2, 2022
Hello. New member. 25YO Whitfield Quest FSWP4. I’m getting a smell from my stove. It smells like the smell from the ash pit not from the exhaust fumes. I’ve replaced the door, glass and ash pit gaskets. What I noticed is that the gasket between the body of the stove and the holder of the burn grate has come loose and part of the gasket is hanging between the mating surfaces. I didn’t even know that there was a gasket there. Any help with how to replace the gasket and could that be causing the smell from my stove?
also could someone provide a list of the specifics for all the gaskets? Size? Type? Length, etc? The owners manual is really no help with the gaskets. Finally where’s the best place for replacement parts?
Thanks. Bob from Baltimore.