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Mar 1, 2012
Central Ohio
I can no longer login to this site from my iPhone or iPad ( doubt them being Apple products really matters, and it shouldn't). Please see the attached picture I took from my phone. I had to zoom my browser down to 70% to login using my computer. :confused: Sounds like whom ever coded this site doesn't know how to accommodate different screen sizes. Maybe there's a problem with the user-agent code......

If it was my site, I'd ditch the pop-up and come into 21st century web design, but I digress.

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Same here. It’s a totally different log in than what I was getting and the insert was cut off even higher. The only way I was able to log on was to click forgot my pass word, get an email, set a new password and log on from that page. Using an Ipad.
I have the same problem with that screen on my iPad as well. I got in by a mistake, I think, in that my clumsy fingers hit something else on the screen, and I got to the old format login. I won’t be able to complete the new box if that’s my only option for the future.
I think the webmaster should explain what is going on with this new process. And in a section that is visible before a user logs into the site.
The log-in window looks more like a sign-up process. Reading through all the questions, I was expecting that I would have to sign over my first newborn before I could log-in. I did not want to log-in for a few days as I thought perhaps the site was hacked, and this window was to get user personal information. Could someone post something that explains what is going on??? Thanks.
I had to reduce my window to 50% in order to see the entire pop-up window.
I also got in by clicking on something out of order.
There is a bot that has started last week. We had a few hit us so we are trying a few new password tools that can help defeat it. Many are on old accounts or ones with weak passwords. Sorry it got turned on and no notification. Still working on the issue.
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Keep up the good fight. I worked for a small hosting company for awhile and it seemed like everyday we were deleting someone's account for something nefarious they were doing. Most were either running bot networks, or sending SPAM.
Things look a bit different at the top of the page for me, but I’m back to being able to log in without difficulty. I appreciate it.

Thanks for all you do to keep this place safe, secure, and accessible.
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This is happening yet again. I think someone needs to do some better automated testing to check and make sure that their changes actually work on all browsers, and platforms. *sigh*

I can't login from Safari on my Mac either without making the screen very small.

New Password Login Pop-Up