New to outdoor stove heating

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J&J Farm

New Member
Oct 24, 2021
Central Pa
Hello everyone, New to outdoor heating and I would like to ask several questions please. I am purchasing a used outdoor boiler. I wish to heat my Lg garage and house with it. The garage is 55' from the outdoor unit with no elbows. To a heat exchanger hanging in the corner to heat a 55'X30' garage. It is a 130K BTU unit. The house is 55' from the outdoor unit in the opposite direction with a present boiler system. The house is just under 1000Sq Ft. I purchased a 40plate exchanger for the house. No connections to the house wall. The boiler is 3' from the hole in the wall. I would like to ask how to set up the system? I wish to use 2 pumps, one each for the each building. What brand pumps and what size? Also Aqua stat? And anything else that i should know or do including a manifold. I have 1" Pex A insulated in the ground to each building, the pad poured and ready to set the stove. The stove is a well seasoned ( 10 YR old ) home made unit. Thinking its 300 or 350 gallon size. The most needed questions will be incorporating into my in house boiler? I was told to loop the exchanger into the blowoff and drain of the house boiler. OK, but I assume I need a pump to circulate that water?? Most of this plumbing should be easy for me. It is just the specs to get parts and also how to set up house boiler to run when we vacation in Florida over Christmas. Thank you so much for reading my post as I am need to the site and any response's will be greatly appreciated!!!

E Yoder

Minister of Fire
Jan 27, 2017
Floyd, VA
Since it is a homemade boiler it's going to be a bit more difficult to give advice on how to hook it up. Pictures might help. Is the outdoor boiler pressurized? You will need a pump.