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Oct 27, 2022
New york
I have a quadrafire cb1200 i messed up and toasted the control board and wire harness due to an original problem due to the igniter arcing within the under area of the fire box. Upon installing the new harness and control board along with new exhaust and blower motors, new snap discs, and new igniter. Before attaching the harness and control board to the stove i tested it and after rearranging the wires to the vacuum disc the stove fired up and ran up to temp with no apparent issues. After reattaching the harness and control board to the stove and putting all the panels on the stove wouldn't run. After plugging it in the exhaust fan kicks on and control board runs through initial start up with the blue flashing light, the call light lights up but nothing further happens. After reading many posts on here i pulled the thermocouple and it was frayed and the silver sodder looked rough and i replaced it. I also cleaned the vacuum disc thinking that may be clogged and not working properly and after everything is back together and plugged in the problem continues. Any other trouble shooting ideas from anyone?