Not burning good.

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Feb 25, 2024
We have a st. Croix, for 6 years, been burning good all winter till the last month. Started getting big creosote chunks in burn pot. I had someone come and do a deep clean said it ran fine, could be pellets.
Switched pellets, not any better, thick black stuff on glass within an hour , high orange flames.
My husband been trying to adjust air.
What are we doing wrong.
No renovations, I had it professionally cleaned 2 weeks ago to make sure we were not missing anything when we cleaned it, I definitely think we have an air/conbustion problem, but why all of sudden. We never have had to play with it before.
We never have had to play with it before.
That's why I am saying that are you sure all ash traps are clean
It is acting like a very ashed-up stove. After years of being an Enviro Teck
I have found many stoves that have been "Professionally" cleaned That
had just a brush and a kiss. Check it again yourself just to make sure
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We are cleaning the air intake to exhaust now! Wow a lot was missed! See pics!

Not burning good.

Not burning good.
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Now I again remember why I retired. I have seen this more time than not
In and out collect the 150$. I only ever took more than two cleaning jobs a day
You have to remove and clean both blowers, I always removed the auger and lubed the bushings
Take apart as much as possible. special nozzles and attachments to get all the ash
Cleaned the OAK and chimney then ended when possible a leaf blower cleaning
Then test the stove for proper function and flame. The only stoves I look after
now are my 2 Enviros and my two sons Enviros.
Hope it fixes your problem
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What a great clean out, but now we tried to fire it up and #4 just flashes and nothing happens. Ugh! We cleaned the sensor plates.
Check the high-limit switch
It is a manual reset (push the red button on top )
if it clicks try to relight your stove
Also, check the wires to it lose or pulled of wire
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