Not just adding a stove adapter but also the best way to secure it to the stove?

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Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
I have found in many older pellet stove installations there is no stove adapter or appliance adapter connected to the pellet pipe for the best pellet stove connection.
Many times there is a boat load of high temp silicone on the cleanout T pellet vent connection because it is just not mating up properly to the perfectly round pellet stove exhaust pipe connection.
Therefore in this case I pulled the cleanout T off the pellet stove and cleaned out the old and broken silicone seal with a utility knife and yankee slotted screw driver!
Then I securely attached the stove adapter to the cleanout T. To do this I put a block of wood across it and pounded it on with a hammer. The block of wood help apply the pressure without bending the delicate round aluminum that fits around the pellet stove exhaust pipe.
Then for a good pipe to stove seal and ease of serving, I installed a new T-bolt type clamp. The olde standard radiator clamp does not cut the mustard and make a perfectly good round seal!
What type of connection do you have?

Pic 1 - Original cleanout T connection that is leaking smoke!
Pic 2 - new stove adapter with T-Bolt clamp connector.
Pic 3 - new 3” diameter T-bolt clamp for the best even pressure clamping

8CF51A08-C3D3-4320-A375-F1321AD79832.png 9EFE70F9-257A-4795-B82D-F25129642A18.jpeg 97D1F414-D639-47D5-862F-3D6F3C0DA68C.png
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Thanks Don2222 for your post. Im changing to your method now. I been having some exhaust leaking out, and found out. I have a Quadra-fire Outfitter 2, but the installer connected the clean out t directly, which doesn't seal right.
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