Odd Burn pot crusting on ComfortBilt HP22

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New Member
Nov 30, 2023
Rockford IL
I get an stiff ash buildup after about 60 pounds of pellets. It's not the pellets as I have two stoves and the other burns nice and clean. I am thinking its a flow issue, even though it has a decent yellow flame like the other stove does, until the pot starts getting crusty. The pot does have a crack on the bottom and it sags, so is it possibly happening due to the pot itself, or not enough air flow? This is my second season with it and last year I had clinker issues with cheap pellets from F&F, and the prior year on the other stove I ran Marths without any issues, found a pallet towards the end of last season which did much better in the HP22 with no clinkers or buildup. This year the buildup is a new thing.

The vents are clean, the seals tight, and only have about 1/4 ton though it.
I have the same stove and the same problem and continuly getting clinkers.
I pulled the burn pot and there was a pile of ash under it so I figure that the fan was blowing the ash up against the bottom of the burn pot blocking air flow.
So I took a vacuum and sucked all the crap outa there and did a good clean all around the fire box at the sametime ,there was a ton of ash on the tubes that blow out the front that the scraper rod is supposedly on there to clean off.
No more problems with the burn pot.

I also ordered a new burn pot ,while on the phone with them asked about the stainless steel pot they offered and was told they did not currently have those as a supplier issue. Low an behold 4 days after receiving the new burn pot I get an email offering on sale believe it or not a stainless steel burn pot that is supposed to fix the cracked burnpot issue.