ok to use locktite or not?

f3cbboy Posted By f3cbboy, Feb 9, 2012 at 2:45 AM

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    Just replaced the calipers on my front brakes on an 05 f-150. remanufactured calipers. not brand new. Only thng i had to do was to reinstall pads and connect hose with banjo bolt and bolt caliper in place. there are two 12 mm bolts that secure the slide pins. The top one on the drivers side has loosened up twice in the month since i have installed it, See any issue to me using loctite on these bolts? I am uncertain of a torque setting, I just bottom out the bolt and make it tight.
    NOTE: I didn't have to touch these bolts to swap the caliper. They dont appear to have loctite on them from the factory.
  2. smoke show

    smoke show
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    Slap some removeable loctite on em, can't hurt.

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  3. MasterMech

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    Yeah the blue loctite won't hurt. Just beware that if those bolts get hot, the loctite won't hold.

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